boring ....

i am bored.

downloading FMA soundtracks. whee.. ipod filler. hehe.

i want:
- DVD burner
- a deviantart account
- ipod speakers
- domain name and web space
- creative zen portable media centre
- and alot more things.

i am greedy. i realised that my internet is slow. hehe. my singapore net connection is twice as fast. i want to go to creativex to drool at geeky stuff.

esther got me fma-addicted. whee. i get addicted to 2 completely different show series in a semester. stargate and fma. niceness.

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(no subject)

*yawn* am so bored. in school now and posting with my phone. design class is so boring. drew the stargate to practise 2 point perspective. haha. i want to plan my mass comm project and the teacher just walked into class.

(no subject)

just discovered how to post with my mobile phone. this is fun. can post while i am at school. anyways, men are over at my place to fix some security film to the windows. and i got my laptop stolen 4 weeks ago. got a new one though. and i discovered a new apple centre in the city. happiness.

Have not been posting

I am a lazy bum. lalala. Okay. People, my blog is more updated. READ IT.

Updates to my life:
1) I am now officially an iPodder. As of June 13th 2004.
2) Brian[ the same guy mentioned below ] is now my boyfriend.
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Finally ...

NO MORE PROBLEMS! iTunes and Mediasource reconizes the format and they both agree with my soundcard. Life is good. YAY!
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iTunes and I disagree

I HATE ITUNES! It converted all my songs to some dumb format and refuses to co-operate with my usb soundcard. What the h**l! Now I can't play any songs with Creative Mediasource. Damm.
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Today was fun

Today was so fun. went out in the late morning to meet Esther for Dim Sum. Had a whole load of Dim sum at some random restuarant in Northbridge. After eating, we went to the Hay Street Mall to shop. Liling bought an insane amount of clothes. I bought a new bag [ for the fun of it ]. Haha. Then went everywhere and looked at stuff. Had yummy food at Gelere's. Then walked around somemore then went to play pool. Taught Liling how to play. Had a whole bunch of fun. haha. Then went to Northbridge and sang karaoke for damm long. Came back at only 1 ++AM. haha
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4 words: I WANT AN IPOD

I WANT AN IPOD. I WANT IT SO BADLY. Damm. I hate myself. I am so going mad. *starts drooling uncontrolbly at the 40GB iPod* I really want the 40gigger but the price is almost a $1000. Maybe I'll get a 20gigger. Now I must come up with ways to persuade my parents. Then I still have the matter of my zen to attend to. I can't bear to throw it away. I love it too much. Also, I told Solly of my change of mind and she did not kill me. Wow! That's new. I thought she would have given me hell.
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A Change of Mind

I've been influenced. I've changed my mind about the iPod. I want one! When my Zen dies I'll get an iPod. Solly, I'm so sorry. I know I used to hate the iPod but it's changed. Sorry okay? Please forgive me. Brian influenced me. Solly, DON'T KILL HIM. Anyways, we are going to try get someone to engrave a picture of an iPod on a dog tag. Sounds cool.
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I MISS THE ESPLANADE! Okay. I know people who have me on their Livejournal friends will think I've gone stark mad. I don't care. I shall not care. My dear Livejournal friends, let me explain. The Esplanade or rather Esplanade Theatres on the Bay is my favourite place in the entire world. And the Esplanade is located in Singapore and I am in Perth studying. NICE! Back to the Esplanade, it's the local performing arts centre(No, I'm NOT going to talk about the Arts House). It's shaped like a Durian (local fruit that has a spikey exterior) or fly's eyes. Normally, we just call it the Durian. When I say local, I mean local as in Singaporean
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